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The C.N.V. Senior Service Network, CNVSSN, was established in 1992 by a group of senior service providers from the Central Naugatuck Valley of Connecticut who wanted to promote inter-agency cooperation, coordination, and communication among service providers and the community who participate in planning and delivery of social, legal, and health related services to the elderly of the Central Naugatuck Valley area.
The association does this by:
a. Linking providers together to improve resource sharing and mutual planning.
b. Providing education to Network members on skills needed to integrate services and improve delivery of services.
c. Advocating on behalf of the needs of elderly in the CNV area.
d. Discovering overlapping services, identifying needs that are not being met, and exploring possibilities for further coordination.
e. Sponsoring community-wide events to reach out to seniors and their caregivers.
f. Establishing a resource base for professionals and their organizations who are new to the CNV region.
Membership in the association are provider organizations and agencies that serve the elderly.
The CNV meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month (except July & August) at 11:30AM.

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