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An area Nursing Facility that is aggressively promoting their expertise caring for Alzheimer’s disease residents seems unable to address “falls” a resident/client has been experiencing.  Failed series of physical restraints then to a hospital psychiatric unit after last fall and 10 stitches.  This resident is later stage Alzheimer’s and she wants to keep moving around as much as possible.  She is terribly frustrated and upset when her movement is restricted.  The walking around is pretty much all she can do on her own as she is unable to feed self, dress, bathe, converse.  Spouse does not want to see her get hurt so he wants restraints, nursing staff seem to want restraints, Social Worker wants to allow her to keep walking and try to minimize falls but get all to see them as part of her need to move around.  Upon return to nursing home from psychiatric unit and some medication adjustment resident is restrained again.

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