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News and Events

Previous educational programs presented - call for upcoming dates.

Title 19 Myths & Truths

What is Medicaid, asset and income rules, how the lookback really works, other qualification rules, what will happen to your home, how much do you have to spend down if any, understanding the application process, recent changes explained.

Your Will, Power of Attorney & Living Will . . .
Do they do what you want?

Common misunderstandings, what each must include, taking care of the surviving spouse, preventing family disputes, dealing with disabled children, second marriages, spendthrifts, and what to do to prepare for illness or incapacity.

Living Trusts . . .
There's more you need to know

How they really work, when they don't work, the truth about probate and taxes, how to determine when needed and what type is right for you, how to decide what your Trust should include, legal requirements, choosing the right trustee.

Planning your parents care

Where do you begin? We will discuss the numerous issues to tackle and resources available to help you make the right choice. Also learn the steps to take to protect yourself and your assets.

All programs will be presented at:

                        The Law Office of Julia M. Brown, LLC
                        934 Chase Parkway, Waterbury, CT

Advance registration required.

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