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Signs and Symptoms/Physical Abuse:
1. Bruises, black eyes, welts, lacerations, and rope marks;
2. Bone fractures, skull fractures;
3. Open wounds, cuts, punctures, untreated injuries in various stages of healing;
4. Sprains, dislocations, internal injuries/bleeding;
5. Broken eyeglasses/frames, physical signs of being subjected to punishment and signs of being restrained;
6. Laboratory findings of medication overdose or under utilization of prescription drugs;
7. Reports of being hit, slapped, kicked, or mistreated;
8. Sudden changes in behavior and the caregiver’s refusal to allow visitors to see an elder alone.

Signs and Symptoms/Sexual Abuse:
1. Bruises around the breasts or genital area;
2. Unexplained venereal disease or genital infections;
3. Unexplained vaginal or anal bleeding;
4. Torn, stained or bloody underclothing; and
5. Reports of being sexually assaulted or raped.

Signs and Symptoms/Psychological Abuse:
1. Being emotionally upset or agitated;
2. Being extremely withdrawn or non-communicative or non-responsive;
3. Unusual behavior usually attributed to dementia; and
4. Reports of being verbally or emotionally mistreated.

Signs and Symptoms/Neglect:
1. Dehydration, malnutrition, untreated bed sores, and poor personal hygiene;
2. Unattended or untreated health problems;
3. Hazardous or unsafe living conditions or arrangements;
4. Unsanitary and unclean living conditions (dirt, fleas, lice, soiled bedding, Fecal/urine smell, inadequate clothing); and
5. Reports of being mistreated.

Signs and Symptoms/Abandonment:
1. Desertion of an elder at a hospital, nursing facility or similar institution;
2. Desertion of an elder at a shopping center or public location;
3. Reports of being abandoned.

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