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Today a client was sent to the emergency room after experiencing 2 falls in 24 hours.  She is in her late 70’s and has been in the memory impaired unit of an Assisted Living for several months.  Unfortunately, the typical ER routine, but for a first time family a stressful and frustrating and at times senseless drama unfolded.  Not sick enough for an admission to the hospital, no nursing home wanting to accept her because she was a fall risk, no injury serious enough to require rehab (major bruising and a broken toe), oh now a nursing home 45 minutes away might have a bed….  Best option, get her out of the ER, it was going on the 2nd 24 hours, return to Assisted Living and “hire” in 24 hour care, a requirement of the Assisted Living to take her back.  We will talk once she is back and reassess the options.  Fortunately, she has appointed her health care agents and financial decision makers has long-term care insurance and sufficient cash assets and a supportive and involved family to be able to take the time to explore her options.

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