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Be understanding of your “shock” upon hearing the physician make the  “Alzheimer/Dementia” diagnosis even if you had already concluded on your own that your family member had some type of dementia.  Despite your own feelings that may include  denial, anxiety and fear you along with your “diagnosed” family member must take action now.  If they are unable to participate then you need to take action on their behalf.

Begin by making inquiries and find an elder law attorney, a lawyer qualified to handle the special legal needs of aging adults. (Check with your area Alzheimer’s Chapter, CELA -Certified Elder Law Attorney listing through the NAELA website and State Bar Association).  If your family member previously executed estate planning documents they will need to be reviewed in light of the diagnosis.  If they have not executed estate planning documents like a durable power of attorney and advance medical directives, they need to be done now.

Only set up an appointment with an experienced elder law attorney you feel comfortable with.  Expect to pay legal fees at a specialists rate.

Prior to the appointment reassure your family member that they will always be involved in any decision making and planning related to them and to ensure their future interests and decisions are carried out they should meet with their own attorney to discuss legal documents that would make sure this happens.

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  1. This is an important step in the long process of Alzheimer’s caregiving for a loved one.

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